Wooden outdoor furniture for your log cabin

Relax-Hammock-Rock-Eddy-Bluff-Farm-Cabin-Paaaorch1If you are a fan of the outdoors, then one of your dreams must include having your own log cabin somewhere in the wilderness, close to a clear creek where you can go fishing, surrounded by a hundred years old forest. Of course, having a backyard porch with a view from atop a hillside, over the forest and into the mountains in the distance would be a plus. However, if you really want to enjoy that view, surrounded by your family and friend while having a bite out your barbecued steak, then you have to get yourself some comfortable garden furniture, so you can relax and sink into that view.

While some people prefer plastic or steel, many believe that wooden furniture is essential for a log cabin, simply because it blends in perfectly; it feels like an integral part of such a building and it gives gardens a more relaxing tone. Wood is natural, warm and beautiful and adds a wonderful, rustic feeling to an interior, as well as your outdoor porch. If the wood  is your choice, then you have to be aware of the advantages it offers compared to other materials, but also the obvious disadvantages it carries.LHL0205_P44

First of all, the wood is a renewable material, it is completely natural and it is long lasting. Wood has been in use in the furniture industry for millennia. It is easy to work with and gives that natural feeling to your home. Wood can last very long if maintained properly. It is durable and certain types of wood are very resistible to pests like insects, bacteria and fungi. Wooden furniture is sturdy and strong and it can be manipulated to create gentle, slender, elegant shapes, but which are able to support a lot of weight.

wwb_iasamg4This natural durability of wood also contributes to the quality of wooden furniture. Also, the costs of maintenance are low, because outdoor wooden furniture will demand a paint job every couple of years. You can prolong these periods if you take care of your furniture and protect it from the elements when you do not use it. So, place your sofa to a dark and dry place in the winter months, so it is not exposed to rain, snow and cold, and keep it in a shade in those sunny summer months so it does not get too much UV exposure.

Some wood types are naturally resistant to insects because they contain high levels of chemicals that are toxic to insects. This natural ability is further enhanced by using modern paints and lacquers which also contain insect-repelling chemicals.

Even if you need to spend a little bit more money on your wooden furniture, because wood is a bit more expensive compared to plastic or some other alternatives, it is guaranteed that your money will be worth it. When you consider all the benefits, like durability, low maintenance and cleaning costs, eco-friendliness and the aesthetic elements, it certainly seems like wooden outdoor furniture for your log cabin is the perfect choice.


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